June 7 2010

Full SPEED Ahead!

So now I feel like the whole summer is speeding by and it hasn’t even officially started yet!  But Kath’s oldest, Peter Henry graduated from High School yesterday and since he’s essentially another one of my kids, now I’m feeling like maybe it’s not just the summer seemingly speeding by, but, maybe…just maybe…it’s my life that feels like that instead?

Unlike my ex, who, if the phone call I recieved about twenty minutes ago tells truth, is today sitting and waiting for his (deceased) parents to come and visit him later today.  From New Jersey he says.  Can’t figure this one out.  Clearly and obviously something’s causing confusion since his parents are dead.  But the more confusing part, for me anyway, is that they wouldn’t have been caught dead coming from New Jersey.  See, I’m from New Jersey and well, us Yankees and carpetbaggers were never up to any ole good, y’all.  So, I’m finding it curious that he would suffer confusion that blends his oh soooooooo southern parents with my home state of New Jersey?  I guess I’ll have to go fake tan, tease a little bump it on the crown of my head and fist pump my way over to the rehab this afternoon to see what’s goin’ down.

In the mean, we played our first tournament lax yesterday and what a day….what a three thousand degree, mercilessly sunny but ultimately WAAAAY fulfilling day.  Didn’t start out that way though.  No sirreeeeee bub.  Got to the fields and immediately starting running into (right, left, front, back, center) all of the ‘old gang’ from the old travel team we played on for years and years and years.  Remember, we jumped ship (literally…the name of our old team was the Ironclads!) and joined a young whippersnapper start up team this year, essentially taking the the word ‘rogue’ to new Palinesque levels.  But, (and stay with me here, I know it’s like making you watch home movies but you have to do something to earn the pay-off at the end right?  Oh, I was just kidding, don’t be so touchy!)  Anyway, last year’s season was a disaster for us for reasons I’ll not go into right now, but, suffice that most of them revolved around my kid never hitting the field on DayTtwo tournmments after playhing pretty well on Day One.  No rhyme, no reason, and, worst of all, no explanation.  Took a toll.  On his love of the sport, his confidence and, worst of all, his belief that I had his back since I MADE him go to every hot practice, whereupon even though only 10 or 12 kids would show, he was still sidelined.  AT PRACTICE.  I thought it was a good life lesson for him to learn but have since learned VERY differently myself.

But he didn’t want to play this year and that was OKEY and DOKEY by me!   Until he was invited to play on this invitation only team.  Being personally coached by the two most highly respected and revered private school coaches in these thar parts.


Until he fractured his elbow during regular lacrosse seasn and had to sit out the majority of the this new teams’ early practices as they ready to face tounament caliber players from all over the country.  But the first team we played yesterday wasn’t from all over the country, in fact they weren’t evne from all over Hampton Roads.  They were our old team.  Yeah.  Enough said.

Except that we won.  By a goal.

And he didn’t play but for a few minutes.  OH NO .  HERE WE FREAKING GO AGAIN!  My stomach in my throat.  Mixed emotions and feelings all over the place.  He’s upset and thinks history is just repeating itself …. deja SHIT (!!!!) all over again.

But I keep telling him that it IS different this year.  That he only JUST got a cast that went way above his elbow off less than ten days ago and that the coaches are probably playing him less right now…oh, who I am kidding?  I needed a shot of vodka right there because I simply couldn’t beleive I stepped in it again.  So I pulled out the big guns (yeah, yeah, hang in, we’re almost there) and, then, the next thing I know (Oh, and remember he’s playing a position that he’s NEVER played before either!) not only did he get fielded for the better part of the second game but he played pretty well.  Not stellar, but pretty darn good.  We won thatt second game too.  This time by three goals.

Third game not until 4 o’clock but when I see the starting midfiled line go out, guess who’s on it?  Uh huh.  And he played like a champe and earned their trust that he could carry a starter position.  Of course, the real starters were now exhausted from playing two earlier games, but, hey, he started and that’s all he cared about.  Well that and the fact that they made him the cutter.  That’s good for all you bored to tears and filing your nails right now.  We won that game, well, we don’t know by how much because once were  about 11 ahead we just stopped keeping count.

The only team in his age bracket that swept the day undefeated.  But, for us, UN- DEFEATED meant a TOTALLY different thing.  And I was grateful to God beyond belief.  Next week to Maryland.  Let’s hope I feel the same way when I’m driving home for four hours Sunday night. 

Okay, off to see what the heck is happening up at that rehab but here’s who I called on to make mniracles while my stomach was churning and my eyes were welling:

Angel Xexor

Angel Xexor

Angel Xexor

We invoke your intercession (because whatever your wish, this angel is your ally.  Invoked in prayer he is said to bring magic to your wish while you are wanred to be specific because you WILL get what you want!)

The Prayer

"I am a witness

to God’s miracle

every instant of every day.”

And he played and he played and he chatted about it all the waaay home with a happy sort of tired all over the place.  You decide if that was a miracle or not.  I already know.  Thanks dear Xexor.  Now, don’t go far!