April 14 2010

A TREASURE for your New Moon in Aries ‘Map’

Okay kids, because we love each other sooooo much and because we love Spirit, success, opportunity and, well, LOVE (peace, healing, serenity, balance…the whole shebang!) I’ve included this symbol that’s here, on the top of this post, for you to download and print and then put in the CENTER of your Treasure Map.  You know, the one that you’re beginning TODAY!  I will include more symbols that will bring more immediate SUCCESS and MANIFESTATION to your INTENTIONS during the next few days, but, for today, clip this one and use it to help make your dreams come true.  (And send this to all your friends and family too!  Even if they just cut this symbol out and have it around them, it will make a HUGE difference towards them manifesting their own dreams too!

Because we can!

Okay, now, because both iVillage and DailyOM have me under the proverbial gun …  if you don’t know how to make a Treasure Map, go back to yesterday’s post and all explanation is there.  And here’s a quick look at how this New Moon in Aries is going to influence each sign individually:

ARIES:  For all INTENTS and purposes this is YOUR New Moon.  Use it wisely as it’s time for you to REACH for the stars and go for that dear dream and desire you’ve been harboring.  NO MATTER WHAT IT IS (new job, more money, bikini bod) this is the Moon that makes that dreams come true.  FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS and away you goooooo!

TAURUS:  The New Moon puts a spring in your step and gets your soul stirred (not shaken) for a fresh start.  NOW is the time to lay all groundwork and build the foundation of your dream.  That dreams becomes more of a reality ONE MONTH FROM NOW but not if you haven’t taken all the appropriate steps.  PREPARE  PREPARE  PREPARE!

GEMINI:  This New Moon makes your social life staggeringly successful especially where Helpful People are concerned.  Get out.  Mingle.  There is HUGE opportunity hanging around outside and waiting to glad hand YOU!  Old friends and new bring you big energies and even bigger blessings.  NETWORK  NETWORK  NETWORK!

CANCER:  This Moon begins a new cycle of career related opportunities.  It’s time now to really hone in on your goals and empower your action steps towards recognition and the reward that WILL bring you.  Connect with colleagues and let them help enhance your hopes, you wishes and your dreams where your work is concerned.  EMPOWER  EMPOWER  EMPOWER!

LEO:  Time to explore new terrain during this New Moon.  To infinity and beyond will be your personal GPS heading for the next 14 days.  Listen to your hunches, follow your intuition and go with your gut!  Adventure awaits!  GUIDANCE  GUIDANCE  GUIDANCE!

VIRGO:  Ahhhh amour where ya been?  These energies are all about sex the next two weeks as intimacy is all she wrote.  Forgive the past and open to a loving and lovely future.  Get over it.  Seriously.  Take steps to eliminate emotions that don’t allow you to open up.  FULFILLMENT  FULFILLMENT  FULFILLMENT! 

LIBRA:  This New Moon bringing NEW energies to your partnership arena AND agenda.  Plan accordingly.  this is the time to either enhance an existing relationship or find a totally (hot!) new one.  COMMITMENT  COMMITMENT  COMMITMENT!

SCORPIO:  Opportunities abound in the bedroom AND in the boardroom.  Make room for both.  With all these steamy, sizzling and success-oriented energies around, you’ll need to stay REALLY organized during the next two weeks!  STREAMLINE  STREAMLINE  STREAMLINE!

SAGITTARIUS:  Oh la ROMANCE during the next two weeks!  And FUN too.  Fire up the hot tub or the two pink candles canoolding in the ROMANCE area of your  bedroom and think pink!  Fun.  And pink.  CREATIVITY  CREATIVITY  CREATIVITY!

CAPRICORN:  It’s all about what’s been eating you AND house and home thise next two weeks!  Clearing out the past to make way for yor FABOO future!  While you’re at it, how about forgiving that family rift that’s been shoved into the proverbial closet too?  Think HAPPY HOME.  And then live in it.  FAMILY  FAMILY  FAMILY!

AQUARIUS:  You brainiac you!  This New Moon raises your IQ to exponential levels.  What’s up?  YOUR intelligence quotient that’s what!  Time to take ALL those ideas out or your very crowded head and share them wtih lots and lots of others.  Your wit, your wisdom, your excellent expertise is about to go spotlight.  SHINE  SHINE  SHINE!

PISCES:  Shake your moneymaker during these next two weeks, whatever (or whoever!) that is!  BIG boost heading to a bank account near you during this New Moon cycle as long as the urge to splurge doesn’t set you back in more ways than one.  Prioritize and be practical by blending your passion with your obvious opportunities.  BLANCE (as in bank)  BALANCE (as in bank)  BALANCE!

Tomorrow…more secret symbols to add to your Vision (board that is!)

Don’t we have THE most fun?