January 6 2011

Sometimes ALL You Need is an Influential, Inspirational Ally…

Spent a good part of this morning on the phone with Cirilo talking about the redesign of the website and he laughingly kidded me about Agent Zed coming to my house the other day.  I told him that Agent Oso(dreamy) called me yesterday and said that he’d found out that he couldn’t actually keep the book and the coin cure I gave him when he was leaving here on whatever day he was here this week.  Said that one of his bosses (the Chief?) told him there could be impropriety construed in such a gift.  (NOTHING compared to the impropriety that some of the Facebook ladies thought should have gone on here then though!) but, he wanted to know, when could he come back over to return the bribe, um, I mean, the gifts? 

Now, I know what you’re all going to say, but, I still think that dead is dead whether the serial killer is drop dead handsome or not.  Really, is there any difference being murdered by Ted Bundy or John Wayne Gacy?  Dead is still dead.  And I never did check his creds.  And I’m still not sure why he needed to come back over here, but, I told him to go ahead and drop everything in the mail.  Cirilo laughed his ass off, but, hey, I’m still here to tell the story ain’t I?  Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Anyway, this whole web agenda has been a GIANT GIANT GIANT (oh, did I say GIANT?) pain in my ass FOREVER.  I’ve paid out hundreds of thousands of dollars to all kinds of companies throughout the years trying to get a brand identity that sticks.  I’ve paid PR firms and web designer firms, I’ve paid, most recently, a management firm…all for naught.  Except, I do believe that Cirilo really gets ”me” and gets what I’m all about and what I’m trying to accomplish and how much I believe in the power of a partnership with all of you!  You create the scenario of your dreams and I’ll share with you the tools that will get you building that best life blueprint in the NOW.  You + Me = Success, Happiness, Good Life.  I can’t do it alone.  I need you to need what it is that I know.   And, then, together, we change the planet one peaceful, calm and uber comfortable empowered person at a time.  I think it’s a tremendous plan.  And, I think he gets that.   And I KNOW, for once, he gets the brand.  So, already I’m ahead of this draining game.

Okay, so, all my way of saying that once I hung the line with him today, I was jazzed and re-energized about this endeavor… again.  Enthused… again.  Dare I say it?  INSPIRED… again!  An agenda that has sucked the life and the money out of me for almost as long as this business has been open….NOW has another complexion and I am en-courage-d and all in….again.

And, sometimes, that’s all it takes to find the fire and the passion again.  Sometimes, all anyone needs is a little inspiration and a little hand holding and a little cheerleading so that they can go ahead and make a dream come to life.

Just in case you might be looking for that particular power to come to and through you:


(Invoke the intercession of this angel THREE times by using those same words first, and, then):


I am a witness

to God’s miracle

every instant of every day

This is prayer from J Cornugs ORIGINAL TRIBE that purports and promises special attention from Xexor.  She says that Angel Xexor is your ally in your cause and that when this angel is invoked in prayer he brings magic to your wish (MY kind of angel!)  She further states that when you invoke him you MUST BE SPECIFIC (gee, where have we heard that before???) because you WILL get what you ask for. 

Sounds just like what I told you about Guanshiyin the other day.  Saying that compassionate Buddha’s name all day alongside your wish will make that wish come true as well.

What are you waiting for?  What do you want?  Agents of change all around.  Except, as you know, here!