January 20 2012

You’re Simply Irresistible -

The planets are conspiring to make this Friday something you’ll really TG for!  Flirty and sexy Venus sextiles power-full Pluto while electric Uranus hangs out and then hooks up with the sizzling Sun!  All of this swell celestial stuff makes you irresistible and HIGHLY PRODUCTIVE too!  So, then, no better time to call on Archangel Chammuel to make your dreams come true!

From JoAnn Cornug’s ORIGINAL TRIBE; Handbook of Angels, Cornug shares that Chammuel is a mighty and powerful angel tasked with having dominion over MANY MANY powers.  The ancient texts tell that Chammuel will joyfully join with you an dyour own personal intention and will in order to accomplish your most profound and lofty goal.  And, honestly, who can’t use a little extra added assist when activating accomplishment on our most lofty goal?  We are instructed to be VERY specific with Chammuel as he is believed to be your greatest ally in achieving your cause!  After all, you ARE simply irresistible!

Invoke Chammuel’s intercession THREE times and then say the following:

"Mighty I Am the Love, Power and Wisdom

  to realize (your goal here - be SPECIFIC!)

Mighty I Am  Mighty I Am  Mighty I Am”

One of my current goals is to make THE POWER OF LOVE something so totally magically miraculous that all of your loving dreams come true.  Good start so far with a friend who is one of my test cases and reports the following:

"Okay, okay, I am crying Uncle now.  I believe.  I was flying to San Fran to meet with Jamie for that book signing thing and who do I run into in the airport?  You’ll never guess (or YOU actually might!)  I hear someone calling my name and I turn around and PETER (!!!!) is standing five feet away from me.  PETER!!  Long story short - he’s been living in LA for the last 15 years, was in SF for the weekend and we had drinks together.  He’s coming to NYC to see some documentary (he’s still into filming short movies) and we’re having dinner together.  He’s divorced, twice (shut up!) but still makes my heart swell.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU dear friend.  I’ll stay in touch, but, this was incredible!"

These were two old ‘steady’ flames from high school.  So far, so good.  On ALL fronts and on ALL accounts.  LOVING this new POWER OF LOVE secret seal, power prayers and miracle spray.  LOVING!

LOVE this day too and hope you will as well!  TGIF indeed!  XXOE