December 7 2011

Letters of Recommendation

While all the kids are writing theirs to Santa, you might want to take advantage of ‘Write A Letter Day’ as well. Feng Shui says that you can address this letter to a being or a powerful presence that you believe in, and that you should also ask for a gift that you would like to see come present in your life. You’re highly encouraged to clearly and plainly spell out what you want. Then put that letter away for exactly 49 days. This philosophy says that you must detach from the outcome but not before imbuing them with pink light from your heart and telling those words how much you love them and thank them for making your dreams come true. Remember that gratitude and acting ‘as if’ are both critical components for manifesting this effort. Write your letter today as your wish in the Universe’s command, especially when those words are written in letter form to a deity, god, goddess, guru, saint, Ascended Master, angel or avatar that you faithfully believe will hear and answer you . Santa Schmanta, today you’re writing a letter that your Higher Power will check twice, and that’s pretty darn nice!

December 3 2011

"If you have FAITH as small as a mustard seed …."

This ritual was passed to me by my Swami and teacher, the guru Ram Charon.  He taught me this powerful, mystical and miraculous technique KNOWING that I would only use it with the best intent and for the highest and best good of all.  Anyone who uses this magical mantra with any other intent will call down opposite energies so please do be sure that you are cleansed and clear before embarking on believing.

Now, you will need some mustard seed to put in the palm of your right hand.  Every day, for nine consecutive days you will say the following mantra over the mustard seed:

"Om Hareem Asi Aoosa

Sarva Devschdana

Saambaya Saambaya

Mohiya Mohiya

Ondiya Ondiya

Muhkvata Kariya

Kuru Kuru


Ta Ta Ta Swaha

On the NINTH day you say this mantra 27 times while sprinkling the mustard seed someone special and sprinkling it throughout the recitation.  Before you recite though you must hold a clear visual of your intention in your mind and state it aloud three times.  Then commence on sprinkling the seed.

If you are dedicated, disciplined and committed to working this exercise and if you have


as small as a mustard seed, this ritual is extraordinary!

Happy, Happy, Merry, Merry from  my house to yours!  XOE

December 1 2011

Have to crib from my iVillage Daily Tip today because I am deeeeeep in the cave writing SHUISTROLOGY FOR THE YEAR AHEAD 2012.  There are going to be so many interesting energies coming forth next year for all of us - but, if I had to share one theme I see running through EVERY sign, it’s the one associated with reinvention and re-creating our lives.  Sort of makes sense right, since so many see this as the year the world ends?  When in reality we all know that all that means is that the old ways of doing things won’t work in the new future.  We’re already seeing that on a global scale as well as a personal one too!  But I’ve only gotten the first six signs written (it takes approx three to four days to scribe each sign) so we’ll see if this theme continues on for the second set of signs?

Anyway, I’m also using today’s tip, well, because I just like it.  And because I also wanted to share that putting a bowl of apples on your kitchen and/or dining room table is also a POWER-FULL Feng Shui cure for peace.  And, well, I thought at this seasonal time of year when that gift might sometimes be elusive - I thought I’d tell you how to take a big bite of some heavenly and red delicious peace!  Gifting a bowl of apples to new neighbors is actually a F/S recommendation when someone new moves in - the thought being that you’re wishing them a new life filled with peace, prosperity, health and happiness.  Peaceful to the core.

Okay, back to writing Libra 2012.  And if you are one and you’re reading this now, here’s a little tease - you have generous, expansive and fortune-filled Jupiter in your 8th House of Other People’s Money during the first half of the New Year.  $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$   ….   uh huh!

For all the rest of us, I’ll be sharing here and there on the Facebook page what 2012 looks like according to sign, but, for today, let’s forget about getting sauced, let’s just get peaceful!

Here, now, today’s tip:

You can be the one reciting the ABCs of love if you just forget about giving that apple to the teacher and eat it yourself. Simply follow some ancient and effective teachings on this ‘Eat A Red Apple Day’ and you can make everyone else green with envy over your exciting love life. Use a thorn or a pin to scratch your loving wish into the skin of a beautiful red apple. You can disregard what you learned about Snow White when you hold this apple in both of your hands and place your romantic intentions into the flesh of this fruit. Then dip the apple in cinnamon honey and eat it completely. A sweet and satisfying love life will follow and fill you to your core!

November 29 2011

Eat, Pray, WAIT.

TODAY was my follow-up appointment.  I was scared.  No other word.  Scared says it all so well, so succinctly, so true.  Scaredy pants might have said it better but it just doesn’t feel right since my bottom had nothing to do with anything.  But my top sure did.

This Friday will be two weeks since my breast biopsy surgery.

As she’d predicted, I didn’t remember speaking to the surgeon after I woke up and was floating around and round the recovery room.  I did remember the OR nurse coming in carrying my ‘specimen’ in the glass jar and I remember being confused. Like in a Kubrick movie kind of confused.  She wanted to show me the sample they were sending to pathology and she kept talking about what they, meaning pathology, would do next and how that would affect me, but the minute I saw the ‘thing’ I was mesmerized.  I actually had to try hard to shake off some of the anesthetic so I could clearly see the alien she was holding in the jelly jar as her voice just became the ‘wah-wah-wah’ of the Charlie Brown teacher blurred in the background.

I guess I was so surprised because I was sure we were only talking about a small infection causing all this big trouble, and, ultimately, this breast cancer biopsy.  I kept telling everyone that I felt like the infection was probably smaller than one of those Reese’s peanut butter cups bitty bites things, you know the ones - they come in the big box stores bags of Halloween candy, the ones the Trick or Treat-ers scowl at you for giving them.

Turns out I just couldn’t keep my focus while that nurse spoke and so just kept nodding at her as if I understood everything … but counted on getting the deets and the skinny from one of bffs - Mary - who came with and stayed the whole time too!  She even took the day of of work to make sure that I was fully covered.  You just don’t find friends like that.  I treasure her.  More now that she showed such love and compassion during a very tense and terrible time.  But that’s how it goes sometimes right?  The people you think are going to show up take a powder and the ones you never expected fill your heart with gratitude and love.

So Mary told me that the surgeon knew I probably wouldn’t remember our conversation (GOD ONLY KNOWS what was said, since, and I SWEAR this is true - the ONLY conversation, besides the one with Sigorney Weaver’s older OR sister that I remember - was the one I had with ARCHANGEL MICHAEL when I was telling him that he should write a book as he stood by the side of my bed!  NO SHIT!)  But Mary got the DL and told me that basically the bottom line, until the pathology results came through, was that the infection was much more massive than the surgeon had ever expected.  But that they got it all.

But was it cancer?  Did anyone say anything about cancer?  That’s all I could think about and was all I’d BEEN thinking about for months.  Which brings us back to the beginning and I swear I’ll make this quick although the months I’m talking about have seemed like an eternity to me - -

Although, really, we’re only talking about going back to end-June.  When I woke up one morning with a HUGE swollen something on my even more HUGE right breast.  I wasn’t concerned.  It hurt but I wasn’t concerned.  Of course whenever something weird and swollen shows up I always think of that urban legend about the spider who crawled under the girl’s skin and had babies and when the doctor opened the infection tons of small spiders crawled out, but, oddly, I was okay with Charlotte calling my right boob home.

But after a few days I couldn’t even touch the area and it started to streak and, well, time to go see someone right?  So I went first to my gyno.  She wanted me to “march right across the street to the ER and get hooked up to an antibiotic IV” but I had deadlines to meet and work to do and, c’mon, just give me something to swallow that will spit the spiders out already.

So she did.

But it didn’t do much good.

The infection wasn’t getting any bigger but it wasn’t getting any better either.

So after two weeks on Keflex with no discernible resolution it was decided that I would go on a BIG GUN biotic and see her boss, the head of the practice, every day.  Yes, every day at 7:30 AM I had to be at their office to see the head of the practice before the first patient showed.  I did this for three weeks before I asked for a paycheck.  After week three I was told not to worry anymore - everything looked like it was getting better - slowly.

I didn’t think so.

After the allopathic meds ran out I decided to try alternative.  Accupuncture.  Laser.  Holistic therapies.  Still - no real progress but no real deterioration either.  Until I decided to take matters into my own hands. 

Did you just say ‘uh oh’?????  Don’t lie!  I HEARD you!  See that’s what happens when God takes away one sense - in this case my common one - He  makes all the others more acute - don’t lie - I HEARD YOU!

Anyway, by this time it was the end of July and I was posting a fever every night while my immune system tried to fight the invader and I decided it was time to open this sucker so that whatever was in there (spiders!) could drain.  I won’t tell you how I did it because that would be irresponsible of me but I used an oil that I KNEW would open the mini-mountain growing on my teet.  And it did exactly that. 

So now I had an open wound that kept draining and draining and draining.  Sometimes draining ‘stuff’ (no spiders!) and sometimes blood, but, it was draining and that’s all I wanted.  Until it wouldn’t stop. 

I then went to see a highly recommended naturopath who talked me into having a hair/mineral analysis done and then cost me a small fortune MORE to buy her supplements to fight - wait for it - cancer.

I kept asking her if she thought this was breast cancer.  She just kept maintaining her expertise and credentials before charging my credit card for supplements that eventually arrived in the mail and apparently fights HEART AILMENTS!

Alrighty then. 

And, then, one weekend in September I woke up and couldn’t move my neck.  Apparently the infection had invaded my lymph nodes.

Tammy took me to another doc I love and he took one look and asked me when my last mammogram was?  Before injecting me with a horse syringe filled with penicillin and taking a culture of the wound.  He thought is was MRSA and also thought that if it was and if it had traveled to my lymph that I might be in ‘real trouble’ here.

He INSISTED I call a breast cancer surgeon and go to see her immediately.

For the first time since this had all started some four months before, I started to panic.

Mostly about what would happen to my son if I died.  THAT pain was inconceivable and debilitating.  I was longing for spiders.

I called and made an appointment with the surgeon.  And my friend Debi told me that she would gladly take my son should something terrible happen.  Both events brought tears and relief.

I saw the surgeon in October.  She wasn’t sure.  About anything.  Except that I had to get a mammogram stat.

I bit the bullet and had the diagnostic test and was reassured by an angel of mercy at the Sentara Virginia Beach Breast Center that there wasn’t a smidge of cancer to be found on those xrays anywhere.

Yet, I still couldn’t even imagine how much my sister would freakin’ kill me if I died and she had to come and clean out my house.  So I started doing it myself.  Cleaning out the bathroom cabinets and linen closets too.  By now I was obsessing.

The surgery was scheduled for two weeks ago.

My understanding was that my doc was going to go in and clean out the infection and then “run a routine cancer biospy - just to be sure.”

But when we got to the hospital and were in the registration process, both Mary and I saw that the paperwork detailing my surgery instructed that I was to have a ‘cancerous duct removed from right breast.’


No, no, someone got that wrong right?  I was just there to get all those stupid spiders to come out of hiding?  RIGHT????

And, so, now we’re back to the TOP of this story.

I was told that if there were cancer present, pathology would tell the story.  And if pathology did start speaking up that I would get a call before today’s follow-up appointment.  So, I didn’t hear anything before today but wondered if the holiday happening right in the middle of everything could have possibly postponed any bad news?

Obsessing.  Again.

So, off I went today.  Shaking and scared but somehow KNOWING that no matter what, I could call in healing on so many levels that I would be completely fine.  Maybe without the big blonde mane, and without two big boobs, but, fine nonetheless.

So there I was today. By myself and sitting and waiting. Andwaitingandwaitingandwaiting.  And wait and wait and wait.  And wait more.

Until I heard her footsteps coming down the hallway.  And stopping outside the door of the sterile room I was waiting in.  And, then, I heard her flipping through the pages of my chart. Outside the door.  Then - nothing.

Probably only thirty seconds but it felt like eons.

Until she opened the door and came over and hugged me - hard- before saying -

"This was the BEST possible outcome we could have ever have hoped or prayed for.  THE ABSOLUTE BEST.  NO CANCER ANYWHERE!"

No cancer anywhere.

Not in my boob or my body or in my psyche either.  NOT ANYWHERE.

Because, as we all now know, it was probably spiders!

I’m just waiting for pathology to come back with those arachnid results.

But, in the mean, I’m on my knees grateful for the results, for the friends and family who stood by and called and cared and for the fact that the job I do isn’t a job at all but, rather, is my passion and my calling.  Because while that energy is engaging you can’t help but make sure that anything that threatens to keep you from it will be history.

Even cancerous spiders.

Now, next blog, I am going to talk about those same creepy crawlies and how one particular one kept me protected from another threat all this fall as well.  Yes, yes, apparently my karmic cleansing decided to do a really fucking thorough job.

But, for today, the BEST possible outcome is my raison d’etre so etre I shall!


November 23 2011

The New Moon Eclipse - Better than the WISHBONE!

From everything I can see, tomorrow’s New Moon Eclipse is an uber powerful one that offers a rare opportunity to bring our own intentions in 3-D.  We’ve had ALOT of those opps lately so this is yet another in a string of stupendous days that will allow our hopes, wishes and dreams to come true.  I am going to offer two other astrological interpretations of this New Moon below as well.  In one, my astrologer June Collier tells of making a list and checking twice, or even three times between now and May, 2012.  June shares that if we create a written connection with our wishes before we head to dance with sugar plums tomorrow night then that/those wishes will manifest before May.

I agree and add - write with a red pen.  Nine statements.  Say them aloud each night before you go to sleep and every morning upon awakening.  Do this for 9 or 27 days.  If you skip one, start again.

And, then, guest blogger and astrologer Kathy Rose shares her insights into this New Moon.  She, too, highlights the power and the manifesting energy associated with this celestial event and then she suggests that we use our inside voices and the power of the WORD to help to create our visions.  I agree with her too and will reiterate what New Thought guru Florence Shinn shared with all of us:  “There is nothing too great of accomplishment fro the man who knows the POWER of his word, and who follows intuitive leads.  By the words he starts in action unseen forces and can rebuild his body or remold his affairs.  It is, therefore, of the utmost importance to choose the right words…”

Today, tomorrow and every day GIVE THANKS that “Divine order was established in your mind, body and affairs.”  And/or declare that:


First, the sentiments and statements from June regards tomorrow’s New Moon and then a link to Kathy Rose’s invaluable insights!

One last from me - when you go food shopping (or even if you’re not the cook tomorrow, this is a TREMENDOUS Host/Hostess gift to bring) add PEARS to your list.  There are a host of different legends and lore that says if you eat a pear after sundown on Thanksgiving you will have good fortune, great luck and tons of things to be grateful for all the next year long.

This year I will be cutting the pear in half lengthwise and scooping out the center where the seeds are.  I will fill that little well with lingonberry sauce (you can use traditional cranberry if you like) and then sprinkling the pear with crumbled blue and goat cheese.  This makes for a wonderful snack AFTER dessert has been served or even a fortune-filled dessert itself.  Not only are you wishing fortune and luck on anyone who partakes but you’re bringing a magically yum delicious dessert to them as well.  Who wouldn’t be thankful for that?????

Okay, take it away June:

"I want to talk
about in the New Moon Eclipse Chart and that is the trine
from Saturn in Libra to Neptune in Aquarius with both ends
of this trine in sextile to Venus.  Saturn/Neptune is the
energy of manifestation of a vision, Saturn is the grounded
being and discipline to hold the Vision or dream that is
Neptune and with Venus at the mid-point the energy is
focused on the accomplishment of a plan or the attainment
of success through intense activity and effort.  Could
involve a readiness to sacrifice or suffer for the good of
all, sort of a “Joan of Arc” personality that is recognized
Where this New Moon Eclipse falls in your natal houses is
where new beginnings and change take place for you and is
especially strong through December 10th when there will be
a Full Moon Eclipse in Gemini the opposing sign to
Sagittarius.  Hold on to your goals and projections for you
future during this powerful ‘eclipse season’ as there may be
so many changes we can’t keep up with them…and we want
them to be positive!
Sit down the night of the 24th before you retire for the
night and think about what you want to create in your life
for the next 6 months and write these goals and visions down
in your journal or on a piece of paper that you can hide
away and read next May 2012 to see what you have created
for your self with this visioning!”

And now for Kathy Rose, copy and paste:

November 21 2011

Double your pleasure, double your fun!

Feng Shui says that having a decorative mirror hanging in the dining room literally ‘doubles’ your abundance.  On Thanksgiving Day you can actually exponentially increase reasons to be grateful as well as increasing incidences of abundance simply by increasing what you’re reflecting on - of course I mean that literally and figuratively as well.

Let me explain.

Spending serious time counting your blessings is believed by many Mystery Schools to create many more opportunities to express much more gratitude for beautiful blessings that are yet to come.  Through your gratitude you are creating more opportunities to embrace more blessings.  But this is not just about paying lip service through a snappy ‘Rub a dub dub, Thanks for the grub, YAY GOD!’ sort of thing (although that always made my grandmother laugh whenever one of us said it at the dining room table, which is, you know, exactly the reason we would)  No, what I am talking about here is truly FEELING an immense and almost holy and profound sense of blessing and gratitude for every bit of abundance in your life.

But there’s another way of reflecting blessings that promise a plethora of same as well.

Feng Shui portends that putting a mirror UNDER a seasonal centerpiece symbolizing the harvest and abundance of the Thanksgiving holiday will magically manifest more to be grateful for!  Go ask Alice.

Either way you go, reflection should be at the tip top of the menu this Thursday.  Tomorrow - what should go last so you can eat your just desserts!  XOE

November 17 2011

MUCH To Be So Thankful For! Especially on Turkey Day!

What will YOU be grateful for on Thanksgiving DAY?  Let’s see ………

ARIES:  You’ll be truly grateful IF you don’t try to do EVERYTHING and see EVERYONE on this one day.  As the warrior of the zodiac usually you are able to leap tall buildings in a single bound while jumping right over the river and the woods as well.  On this holiday though you will find far more satisfaction and fulfillment during the quiet times so plan accordingly.  Philosophy is your friend today so do something to feed your soul before you put one morsel in your mouth!

TAURUS:  Go ahead, the Universe is giving you FULL permission to eat, drink and be merry, merry, merry.  This day promises to DEEEEELIGHT all of your senses, even the naughty ones!  Nice.

GEMINI:  Forget the turkey, if you make like a duck and let the irritation slide off your back you’ll end up waaaaay out in front.  Oh, and, one more, this is important too because there’s going to be a special message that comes your way today if you take time to listen to your gut.  Do that before you put the cranberry and stuffing down there though because I don’t think that THOSE noises carry any cosmic meaning at all.

CANCER:  You might find it hard to swallow someone’s intentional efforts at upsetting the apple cart.  If you ignore them though they’ll eventually shut their pie-hole and you can go about doing what you love best - filling everyone elses with creamy goodness.  You are, after all, the nurturer, so, nurture already!

LEO:  Two words; Midas Touch.  Everything (and I do mean EVERYTHING!) you touch turns to gold.  Even the dark meat.  And have you seen the price of gold these days?  Good for you, a delicious holiday!

VIRGO:  You better bite your tongue today or you’ll be sure to be eating your words while everyone else is helping themselves to the sweet potato and marshmallow side.  But, that SAID, if you do forget the financials for one day and just remember that love is all there is, you’ll have a most LOVE-LY day!  Ahhhh, that’s better.

LIBRA:  Nostalgia can sometimes sap our energy while living in the past can sap our optimism too.  Don’t do either today.  Find something beautiful and fulfilling to focus on and INTENTIONALLY put ALL your energies there.  Did I say INTENTIONALLY?  If you do, the sweetness you will find filling your life before the sun goes down will rival the ambrosial apple pie.

SCORPIO:  Ah amour.  Much LOVE to be grateful for.  Especially from HER.  Why don’t you tell her so?  She’ll be grateful and you’ll be so glad you did.  This is THAT day.  LOVE is in the air.  And on the tip of your tongue too!

SAGITTARIUS:  Forget about following the one that takes you over the river and through the woods it’s your personal path that has you all inner directed today.  Spend some time affirming some beautiful beliefs because feeding your soul on this day will stuff you full of inspiration and ideas for days and weeks to come.  Oh and did I say to take some time to feed your soul?  Yeah, I thought so.  YUM.

CAPRICORN:  Although it’s in your nature to always rule the roost, if you try to be in constant control today you might feel like a turkey before it’s through.  Rather, listen from your heart and hear what others have to say.  Healing is in the air.  Big, warm, snuggly healing.  But only if you allow it to be.  Otherwise, I can promise, you’ll be eating your words.  The choice is yours - gobble, gobble or goin’ with the healing flow?  Choose the flow.

AQUARIUS:  This could be your sweetest Thanksgiving EVER as long as you watch your sugar/alcohol/intoxicant intake.  You won’t need any of ‘em.  Your sweetest Thanksgiving EVER!

PISCES: Forget the finances for one day FOR GOODNESS SAKE even if someone else makes that nearly impossible.  If you can disassociate from that distraction and pour your energies into something that satisfies your soul you will have a holiday to remember.  In a good way.  Remember - SOUL FOOD!  So good for you and no portion control necessary.  INDULGE!

There you go!  Make/take note!  XOE

November 14 2011

Over the River and Through the Woods….

I’ve HOPE that she won’t be SOLO on Thanksgiving but given the Kardashian backlash, Rob might just be mincemeat this week.  We’ll see.  What we’ll also see are tons of people having to spend this holiday alone.  Whether because they’re working far from home or maybe don’t even have one anymore, this is a time to take in any friends of friends or family or friends of family and be grateful that you can.  Now, if you’re on the other side of this equation and have no where to be but the couch on Thanksgiving Day but you’d rather be taking up real estate on someone else’s than this next cure’s for you:

Take a fresh lemon and a fresh orange.  Stud them with cloves and sit them next to one another on a kitchen windowsill.  According to ages old legend and lore this old cure will have you wrangling up some new invites in no time at all.  I actually have friends in Florida who’ve used this adjustment and within a week had more pumpkin pie propositions than they could shake a wishbone at.

Of course I then told them the magically delicious dessert to bring to absolutely guarantee that they’d be asked back over and over and over again.  Stay tuned to tomorrow’s post.  I’m sure I’ll be spilling about my stint with Mancow Muller on his morning radio show then too.  And we WILL be talking turkey about the Wealth Attracting essential oil.

Here’s what I decided to do - I am going to custom blend each oil not only according to the appropriate recipe but am going to consecrate it according to the astrological influences surrounding each individual.  Wealth Attracting oil on crack, or, at least that’s what it’ll work like.  I think it’s great holiday gift idea too so even if you didn’t get the new report you might want to shoot me an email and put your name on the list.  I’m only taking a limited amount of orders so if you’re interested shoot me an email through my website and we’ll let you know what next steps we’re all going to take. 

I just hope that Rob’s put him in the finale tonight and that his selfish silly sister didn’t ruin those chances alongside her credibility. 

Okay, tomorrow, Mancow makes mincemeat of me and then I share the magically delicious Thanksgiving hostess gift/dessert!  See you then!

November 10 2011

Virtue-al Miracles!

Full Moon in Taurus today…..also sometimes called a ‘Manifesting Moon.’  An en-lightening invite to go outside tonight and greet generous, jubilant Jupiter to the left of the opportunistic orb and then declare your intention.  Aloud.  OR….you can say the prayer I’m including in today’s post (see below) shared by Joann Cornug in her Original Tribe; Handbook of Angels.  OR …. you can wait until tomorrow when the awakening created by the Master Triune 11-11-11 allows you to IMMEDIATELY make miracles!

Now, before we invoke the intercession of angels who will help make miracles as well, I just want to share one quick.  If one of those miracles you’re looking for is for financial stability, security, comfort and flow then don’t forget that tomorrow I am releasing a new mini MAKE YOURSELF A MONEY MAGNET II report as a BONUS gift to the brand new 21 Day Self-Sabotage Detox report.  Here’s the thing - yoga guru and good friend Sadie Nardini and I were talking one day about how many times we really have to push people to create their dreams.  So many of us have been beaten down and so many of us have tried one thing or the other and nothing ever really seems to stick.  I know.  I get it.  Been there.  And so had Sadie.  So then she and I continued talking about how we each got out of our own individual ways and, well, it all boiled down to us doing things that were self-sabotaging our success.  So we vowed to write something sensational that would allow everyone to use some of the same things we did to purge that poison in fast, easy and effective ways.  21 Day Self-Sabotage Detox is the rockin’ result!

I just added the BONUS Money Magnet stuff because I am getting so many emails every day from so many people who are living in financial fear.  I wanted to offer FIVE PHENOM financial cures that I myself rely on whenever I need to bring a boost to the bank.  I was really going to write a whole other follow-up report to the first one because I have literally THOUSANDS of emails from people sharing their success but I couldn’t get that done in time to offer some money magic before the holidays so COMFORT AND JOY from my house to yours!

Speaking of comfort and joy, Cornug tells us that The Virtues are a group of Angels whose biggest responsibility is to fulfill requests for miracles.  That’s all they do.  Sit and wait for us to ask for miracles.  They rock too!  Hard!  Cornug goes on to say that if they are invoked in times of trouble then this band will bring a blanket of comfort - the miracles bring the joy.  So let’s go ahead and invoke their intercession (THREE TIMES) by using those same alliterative words and then pray this:

"I am God’s Faith.

I believe in the Divine Plan for my life.

I am still and strong.

I am God’s pure love.

My strength is infinite.

I am mercy and I live my love.”

AMEN to that, I can almost feel a miracle comin’ on right now, can’t you?  XOE

November 9 2011


Super Ty went for his second (and very critical!) MRI today and he is CANCER FREE!  Ty is CANCER FREE!  And EVERY ONE OF YOU helped our little hero heal.  I am so humbled by ALL of you and so grateful to have you in my life.

Just think, this all started with me reading a heartbreaking story on AOL about what this poor mom and her family were going through struggling to keep their very, very, very sick son alive.  I was so touched by the emotion of the story that I reached out the writer who then put me in touch with Ty’s mother Cindy.  All I could offer at that time was the possibility of you guys praying for Ty alongside his other supporters - and me. 

And, then, from the very first post,  you guys turned out in droves.  You prayed and you joined his blog and his facebook page and showed support there as well!  You are amazing and generous and wonderful and represent all that is good and light and bright on this earth.  And I thank you.  Thank you from the bottom of my grateful soul.

And Ty is my hero.  Right alongside each and every one of you.  GO US GO!  TY TOO!  GO US GO!  XOXOE