March 20 2013

SPRING Into Magic and Luck!

According to magical traditions, the first day of spring is said to hold a magical and special ‘attraction’ luck all of its own.  In fact, the first rain of spring is said to contain powerful manifesting and drawing powers. 

Place a glass or stone or even an earthenware container anywhere outside during these days of the spring equinox in order to catch and contain the first spring rain.  It’s considered TREMENDOUSLY more powerful if it rains during the equinox itself!  Reserve the water for the following:

Bathe in it for a year filled with happiness, abundance, joy and luck.

Wash your face in it to enhance an appearance of youthful good looks.

Wash your hair with it to attract a healthy and happy romantic life and/or sprinkle it around your home to attract opportunities for fabu fortunes and stunning success.

Make it RAIN all up in there!  HAPPY SPRING!  XOXOE

February 22 2013

The Very Best Way to Start Your Day

Indeed God is the One infinite spirit which fills all the universe
with Himself alone, so that all is from Him and in Him, and there
is nothing that is outside. It is within this One presence that I
live, move and have my being. In this light then I see myself and
all others in the context of One Divine Reality.
Saturated with Divine Life, I am guided daily in balance and bliss.
The ceremony of this day blesses me in God’s perfection. I stand
in freedom and empowerment of my spiritual connection. The world
is new for me each moment. I look at everything in my path as fresh,
radiant, and sparkling. The reservoir of my authentic God self, which
is without limits, sets about the joy of transcending my visions of
what I think life is supposed to look like. I know it is possible for this
higher power to play, to work, to manifest through me now!
A lifetime of newness is my gift from the Infinite today, and I accept
it with gratitude. In the perfect center of my being, I honor, celebrate,
and rejoice. Love is the fulfillment of the Law, and I am of Its glorious
expression as I release my word and receive the bounty of a generous
and giving God. And so it is.

February 6 2013

Pepper Chinese New Year with great energy by using THE SALT CURE

Okay, so, it’s that time of year again - - time to take our old salt cures and dispose of them properly before building a new one on Sunday, February 10, not only the Chinese New Year but also a New Moon as well!  Doubly delicious energies of goodness!  But, first, let’s get rid of the old so we can make way for the new. 

The first thing that you’ll want to do is to get a brown paper bag….like the ones you get from the grocer or even the smaller brown lunch bags (depending the size of your current cure.)  Now, without touching the jar or glass or receptacle you’ve used (I pick it up using paper towels or napkins like a pot holder but you can use any disposable gloves too.  If you do use anything else to pick the cure up and you are planning on keeping whatever that is just do be sure to wash it thoroughly.

Now, place the actual cure, ALL of it, coins, salt, jar - - EVERYTHING - — even the red mat underneath of it - - in the brown paper bag and dispose of anywhere OUTSIDE of your house.  Remember, this cure has been collecting negativity from you and yours for a year.  That’s a lot of poopy energy in that jar. 

Bless it, thank it and GET RID OF IT.  OUTSIDE of your living space.

Then gather the supplies to make a new one.  See instructions below:

  1. Fill up a glass jar with kosher or sea salt to about three quarters full.
  2. Place six faux Chinese coins (the round coins with the square in the middle.  You can find them at any Oriental store especially at this time of year - or on Amazon.)  Place the six coins on top of the salt in a circle. Make sure the coins are Yang side or have the four character (versus the two character) side facing up.  Remember, you should only see the side with the four Chinese characters. Don’t worry if the coins sink into the salt as you pour the water.
  3. Fill the jar to the top with tap water. I always place a red mat underneath to not only activate or awaken the energies of the cure but also to protect what’s underneath from any damage.
  4. The jar will form crystals OVER TIME as this shows that it is absorbing negative energies.  If the crystals don’t form immediately there is no need to worry, they will.  Believe me, they will.
  5. Make sure the water is kept topped off.  If it evaporates or in any other way lessens, just cap it off with more.
  6. Do not cover the top of glass/container.
  7. The salt water cure should not be placed inside of anything as it MUST remain open and outside of any small confining spaces.
  8. DO NOT touch or move the jar too much as it is absorbing and then storing a lot of negative energy that can come back to bite you in the butt if you’re not careful.

Okay, so, this year the Salt Cure gets placed in the SOUTHWEST of your main floor or living space OR the center of same.

If you want to ramp up the excellent activity provided by this cure you can tie either six or nine faux Chinese coins to red ribbon and place that OUTSIDE but next to the Salt Cure.

For BEST RESULTS do this cure on Sunday.  If you cannot then do it anytime during the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year, again, beginning on February 10.  XOXOE

January 9 2013

An Apple A Day…..

So, now, after months of preparing for holidays - mentally, emotionally and financially - - it’s time to get back to rituals and routines - - even if they include arguing over homework, housework or just trying to stay on an even keel as the bills come in.  I find that round about the middle of January we can all REALLY use the peace and joy that was supposed to be sitting in our stockings on Christmas morn.

As a little aside - and to lift the vibe - - this month’s New Moon in a couple of days is a tremendously remarkable one full of opportunity, promise, potential and plans moving forward.  In fact, it’s this month’s Super Stellar Day it’s so swag.

But, back to the future.

If you feel like the next couple of months could use an uplifting boost then you might want to use the incredible edible apple to help you do exactly that.  The Chi of what Feng Shui calls the ‘peace fruit’ is a calming and balancing energy that permeates the entire atmosphere all around.  Actually, the word “apple” in Chinese is ping and this has the same sound as the word for ‘peace.’   As a result, this fruit has always and ever been displayed (and eaten) to not only keep the doctor away but to keep the bullshit excuses and crabby attitudes away as well.

KEEP SIX REAL AND RED APPLES on the kitchen or dining room table to keep the peace.  Literally.  XOXOE

December 12 2012

12-12-12 - THE QUANTUM LEAP!

Mayan priests have long foretold that the twelfth of December is the single most important date of the year as we anchor in the transformational shift that promises to bring us to a higher vibration in this current ascension. In fact, the Mayan people of Tikal in Guatemala, one of the world’s most sacred sites, say that the pyramids located there represent the ‘Sacred Calendar’ and that they are a physical representation of humankind’s evolution and ascension. These pyramids will align with higher vibes on this specific and special day. This is also an important day to tune into the core of our own beings. Teachers say that spending quiet time accessing the essence of who we are will allow us to work through the illusion of the material world to get to the heart of what is truly real — love. The following exercise that utilizes your imagination is one effective way to disengage from the lower energies while traveling to a higher dimension. See a full-length mirror standing a bout ten feet in front of you and facing you. As you look upon yourself, visualize seeing a whole, healed, and smiling you staring back. Now imagine that standing behind or on the other side of the mirror is someone who elicits negative emotions from you. In your mind’s eye see someone who has hurt or angered you standing behind the mirror, sending out their negative vibes. Again see yourself inside this imaginary mirror and this time see yourself surrounded by a protective and mystical white light. Claim the energy and the power of this light to live within you and make you completely invincible and totally successful. Now visualize the mirror flipping over and reflecting the person sending out the negative vibes. Know that you are now disengaging from any drama while calling upon love and forgiveness to live within your heart. You will now embrace the ascension unfolding before you while steering clear of chaos and confusion.

November 28 2012

'Tis The Season After All….

Even amidst, or, maybe I should say in spite of the constant hustle and bustle around here of late (the brand is experiencing growing pains all over the place), I have felt a tremendously strong angelic presence around me.  Sometimes I have to make myself get quiet and calm (just to save my sanity) and then I feel it more acutely.  Or when I am outside and on my daily walk.  Sometimes though, even while I am multitasking (preparing for a meeting with the design team while skipping out to get milk and powerball - forgot the ticket but not the milk - - that should give you an idea) I feel it still.  Even then.  Especially then.  Thank God.  Literally.

I AM grateful for these visits and yesterday this prayer from author J. Cornug’s HANDBOOK OF ANGELS popped into my mind sooooooo strongly that it even took me a bit by surprise.  And, let’s face it, pretty much nothing takes me by surprise anymore.  Except maybe having to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars so that my son can take his junior year in high school exams.  But that’s another rant for another time.

For today:

"It is believed that Chammuel is a mighty Angel with dominion over many powers.  He joyfully joins with you and your personal will to accomplish the most lofty goal.  Be VERY specific with Chammuel.  He can be your greatest ally in your cause."


Mighty I AM the Love, Power and Wisdom

to realize (your goal here).

Mighty I AM   Mighty I AM   Mighty I AM

Okay, talk amongst yourselves, Chammuel and I have to hit the 7-11 because we have some ticket buying to do!  XXOOE

November 26 2012

Let’s use Cyber Monday to invest in your future….

That’s the link to my yearly MAKE 2013 YOUR LUCKIEST YEAR YET astro reports.  We are offering this over thirty page report (chock full of empowering info and bonus secret symbols that will rock your world!) for a discounted price to you, our beloved community of beautiful and blessed souls.

This price WILL go up.  And soon.  But I wanted to make sure that we could offer you special holiday discount before our partners put these reports on their radars.

Take advantage and take a break from the hustle and bustle to see what an extraordinary year you have ahead.

Let’s walk arm(ed) in arm(ed) into this next New Year together!  XOXOE

November 12 2012


I don’t know about you but I’ve had a lot of restless energy lately.  Sure, sure, I was picking up vibes from the Sandy crisis and probably even picking something up from that looming fiscal cliff (I hope those Wall Street Journal reporters who coined that phrase are laughing all the way to the almost doors closed bank!)  Anyway, I think part of my angst is that I started so late in writing the Year Ahead horoscopes this year and also that there seems to be an expansion happening in my business that is happening on an energetic level but not a fully tangible one.  Yet.  But, truly, forget the fiscal cliff and the expansion, I think the looming holidays are sending me a little left of center too.
See, this will be the first year that my son’s dad won’t be here for the holidays.  You might recall that he passed away last December 30 and there’s still lingering nonsense happening on that front (wait until I write that book - - boy oh boy - - !!!) so I won’t say much more than that.  Yet.
Anyway the past few days I’ve been wondering whether we should invite others to have dinner with us on Thanksgiving or invite ourselves out to someone else’s place when last night my son comes bounding into the kitchen and laughingly informs that his friends are already sending texts to one another about ‘THE FEAST’ (“in all capital letters Mom”)  Now this is because last year I made dinner for my husband and his caregiver who is a really big guy.  So I made a lot.  Maybe too much.  Okay, way way way too much.
But then a handful of the boy’s friends came by and relieved me of every last spoonful of garlic bacon mashed potatoes and cranberry/orange relish and turkey with homemade gravy.  Biscuits be gone and all the pie and cookies too.  They ate it all.
And now they are gearing up for Round Two.  “Just over one week until THE FEAST” read one text I saw.  Making the rounds.  So, there you go, as soon as I calmed, cooled and collected, consciously dug deep to see what was really bothering me and brought it out into the light, I was gifted for such efforts with what I can only hope will be the birth of a new Whitehurst Tradition - - -THE FEAST - - in all caps.
Digging deep and bringing fears into the light is what we will be prompted, poked and prodded to do by tomorrow’s Scorpio New Moon.  See below for more insight from my astrologer, June Collier.  I have to go and figure out how to get the boys to eat parmesan coated brussel sprouts with sea salt and finish writing Cancer 2013….by the way Cancer you have generous, joyful and lucky Jupiter taking up residence in your home sign next year.  Doesn’t get ANY better than that.  Nope, just not any better.  Unless of course you’re hosting five big boys who think your food rocks it out.  That’s pretty darn good too.
Here, now, some words of wisdom from June about tomorrow’s astro energies:
New Moon Eclipse on November 13, 2012
 There is a powerful New Moon Eclipse on November 13, 2012 at 5:08 pm EST; and in a chart set for Washington, DC it falls at 21 Scorpio 20.  This emphasis of Scorpio energy brings intensity to any new beginnings that are started in the next fourteen days.  We could see many secrets or issues that have been suppressed come to the surface to be dealt with now!  It is time to eliminate old “baggage” to let go of power struggles and destructive urges.  This is the time to bring forgiveness and restoration through intense interactions that can have very deep emotional connections to our obsessions and compulsions.  Healing can only take place if we are willing to look at our responsibility, which involves forgiving ourselves first, and letting go of these old emotional patterns.  Now is the time to gain empowerment through learning new Crisis Skills that can lead to self-mastery and responsibility.  I would be remiss if I did not also remind you that all this Scorpio energy is about resources especially those coming from others.  Partnership and joint financial endeavors, insurance, debts and mortgages, retirement funds and banking are all looking a new ways of dealing with monetary crisis and shifting financial markets.  This Eclipse energy will be powerful for the next six months for decisions in this area of our lives.  Some may feel that their choices are going to define their “depth of character” and commitment to the transformation that is taking place in our human society.  I think that we will be creating a new atmosphere of respect and love for each other and our planet and the resources that we have through complacency taken for granted and can no longer continue to do that! 
Another important aspect in this New Moon Eclipse chart is the movement and aspects of Mars…Mars will move into Capricorn on November 16th and will be within an applying orb of a conjunction with Pluto through November 27th and on November 23rd it will square Uranus in Aries.  This aspect is a very discordant power for chaos and change with its peak power on November 25th through November 29th when there is a Full Moon Eclipse.  Where these aspects fall in your natal chart (houses/departments of life) will bring a many changes for you personally!
to read the rest go click on my link:

If you have questions or comments please email

November 3 2012

Sealed With A Kiss!

I am reprinting a letter that one of my favorite authors, Marianne Williamson, posted on her site yesterday.  I am reprinting because I couldn’t have said what she says here any better and because it feels almost as if it were channeled out of my very own soul.  Thanks Marianne for saying what so many of us are feeling! XXOXE

Love Letter to East Coasters

It can be difficult finding peace at a time of full tilt catastrophe. To many on the East Coast, the destruction wrought by Hurricane Sandy must feel like a cross too hard to bear. Why, you might ask yourselves, is your area of the country so often ground zero? Why are you the ones to be in the line of fire? And many of us, living far away from you geographically, can only say, “We love you. And thank you.” We know you’ve sometimes taken the hit for what all of us have created.

But I assume that while you’ve experienced destruction, you’ve also been blessed by miracles. Destruction is usually material, while reconstruction begins on a spiritual plane — not seen physically at first, but bursting forth like little knowings in the soul. I’m sure it’s not easy — in fact, the most brilliant dawns often emerge after nights of anxiety and anguish — but there’s no way you’re not burning through layers of meaninglessness not just for yourselves but for all of us. I know you’re learning in whole new ways what it means to live in community, to be there for each other, to survive without much of what you thought you needed in order to survive, to throw yourselves on God’s mercy at a time when nothing or no one in the mortal world can lift you up in the way you feel you need, and to hug your kids like you’ve never hugged them before. From broken houses to broken hearts, you’re having to sift through the debris of a world that needs to die now, and for the sake of all of us, make room in your hearts for some powerful new beginnings.

The rest of the country is doing what we can for you…praying, sending money and material help, definitely not turning away. And at least as importantly, we’re bearing witness not only to your agony but to your courage. We deeply acknowledge the journey of sorrow you’re having to take within yourselves — not only to endure but to triumph, and ultimately to transcend the storm not only of Sandy but of the times in which we live.

I know I speak for many in sending you all the love in the world.

October 30 2012

Let Us Pray …….

Less than two weeks ago I flew to New York to take care of some business and then to meet with my college best friends and roommates.  Some of these women I hadn’t see since we graduated from college three years ago - - or something like that.  But it hadn’t felt as if even five minutes had gone by.  We have jobs and children and lost parents and partners but for those two days we were just happy girls from Fairfield University who had their whole lives ahead of them.  And that’s what I took away from that most wonderful of weekends - - the fact that friendship AND dreams don’t ever die, unless WE let them. 

And then I came home and I showed my son some photos of me from college and he said “Mom, you look so happy!”  And I had to wonder - - hasn’t he ever seen me as happy?  And ever since I have made every effort to remember why I’m here, to feel gratitude for my being and to CONSCIOUSLY remember  - as often as possible - - that all those dreams and all that possibility we feel when we are young is still there inside each and every one of us regardless the bumps and bruises that we’ve undergone along the way.

That beautiful beach house that we girls stayed in during our trip to the Hamptons, my beautiful best friend Kathleen’s brother’s water front home is decimated as I write this today.  That house that watched hearts reunite and dreams rekindled is under five feet of water today.  No doubt that house will eventually host laughter and light and beloved memories again, but, for today, I’m sure that’s cold comfort for brother Reggie.

As I would suppose so many of you feel as well.  Trees felled and entire towns under water.  Fires taking out whole neighborhoods and jobs lost.  Destruction from an unprecedented monster storm.  Electricity outages that could last weeks.  All of this can take away the ‘happy’ and replace it with anxiety and feelings of vulnerability while wondering if anything will ever be right again.

It will.

But, for today, let us pray to Angel Qaufsiel, often invoked, according to author J. Cornug, in Hebrew rituals to provide safety and security and protection.  Here, now, the prayer we will say together to feel communal support and, eventually, happiness again!


I am the Angelic Blue Lightning,

Purity and Provider of all right in my being and world

now and forever.

I am the Cosmic Blue Lightning

that clears my path of all obstacles

and makes me safe every instant of every day.

Be safe.  You are NOT alone.  And soon you will choose happiness.  Until then, lean on Qafsiel, he’s waiting to serve you now.  XXOOE